26 Jun

Fourth of July Kids Fashion |Stars + Stripes

To say we are excited for the 4th of July weekend is an understatement! This is probably our favorite holiday of the year and we can’t wait to get our BBQing + firework watching on! We also love showing off our American pride by sporting lots of stars + stripes! We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorite looks for little peanuts this year. So heres to getting our Independence day inspired shopping on!


SOURCES: 1 | 23 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

More of our favorite stars + stripes looks for boys:

More of our favorite stars + stripes looks for boys:

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25 Jun

Green + Cobalt Blue Boys Room

There’s so much to love about children’s spaces and that’s probably why they are our favorite! Always so full of color + fun! Today we are sharing this green + cobalt blue boys room designed by the talented Nicole Rosenberg of Little Liberty! We love the way she decorated this compact boys room with bold colors and lots of geometric shapes! It is perfect for a little boy with a zesty fun personality with lots of quirky accessories to boot! The green herringbone wallpaper is the perfect bedroom backdrop + a great way to create impact and drama to a kids space!

LittlePeanutMagazine_Green_CobaltBlue_BoysRoom_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_Green_CobaltBlue_BoysRoom_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_Green_CobaltBlue_BoysRoom_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_Green_CobaltBlue_BoysRoom_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_Green_CobaltBlue_BoysRoom_4

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24 Jun

Goalen Family Photos

Happy Wednesday! We are back at it featuring the lovely Goalen Family and their beautiful photos by Lori Romney Photography.  We love how soft, yet dramatic these images are with the lighting + stunning colors of the mountains it is just absolutely dreamy!  The fun, playfulness that radiates throughout these photos is pure perfection!

View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_GoalenFamily_8_70View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamilyView More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily LittlePeautMag_LoriRomneyPhotograpy_GoalenFamily_11_19 View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily LittlePeautMag_LoriRomneyPhotograpy_GoalenFamily_48_62 View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily View More: http://loriromneyphotography.pass.us/goalenfamily

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23 Jun

Orange Coconut Cilantro Soda

The summer sun is out + it’s BBQ season which means it’s time to bring out the drinks! Lately we’ve had a thing for making our own fruit sodas and wanted to share that obsession with you all! If you need a little fizz in your drink but trying to go a bit healthier rout then this is the perfect option for you! And the options are endless! This Orange Coconut Cilantro Soda is as delicious as it is refreshing + how cute are these Swing Top Bottles from Shop Sweet Lulu?! We pull them out any chance we got and they are perfect for picnics in the park or a BBQ in your backyard! Find the recipe to make your own summer sodas below!

LittlePeanutMagazine_OrangeCoconutCilantro_Soda_1b LittlePeanutMagazine_OrangeCoconutCilantro_Soda_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_OrangeCoconutCilantro_Soda_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_OrangeCoconutCilantro_Soda_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_OrangeCoconutCilantro_Soda_5

The best thing about this recipe is you can’t go wrong! Have fun coming up with your own mixtures using different kinds of fruits and juices!

– Sparkling Water
– Fresh Oranges or Orange Juice
– Coconut Water
– Fresh Cilantro


Fill your glass of choice 3/4 full of sparkling water. Add your juice/fruit to your desired liking. Add a splash of coconut water and a little cilantro (you could also try rosemary, mint or basil). Stir up + sip and enjoy!

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22 Jun

Summer Family Scootering | GIVEAWAY!

The day has finally come that we can share this fun project we’ve been working on with Micro Kickboard.  If there is one product that we can say that we truly use daily and recommend to all of our friends it’s our Micro Kickboard Scooters! Our boys have had them for several years and prefer them to any bike. They are constantly on them and are the perfect scooter for smaller children to learn on. We always joked that we needed to get some scooters for ourselves so we could keep up with the kids and so we finally decided to get some! We might even love riding our scooters more then our boys! This has now become our very favorite activity to do with our family! Wether it be scooting around our neighborhood, riding over to the local snow shack or going on a big adventure at the park! We honestly keep our scooters in the back of our car at all times and whip them out wherever we go!

You’ve probably seen little peanuts riding their Micro Mini 3-in-1 Scooter. This is a popular scooter and for good reason! It’s the perfect scooter for very small toddlers starting at one years old. The can begin by riding on the seat and then advance to standing on the scooter all the way up to age 5. Our oldest son has now moved onto the Micro Maxi Scooter that’s the same easy ride + has an adjustable handlebar that can grow with him for many years to come! And if you’ve been looking for the best helmets to protect your babies heads you have to check out Nutcase Helmets. They make helmets small enough for babies, the quality is unmatchable, and the actually fit those precious heads right for proper safety!

Micro Kickboard also makes scooters for teens and adults and we are pretty much obsessed with our matching Micro White + Micro Black scooters! The ride is so smooth and the handlebars are adjustable and can easily accommodate even the tallest of dads! We really can’t say enough amazing things about these scooters and all the fun we’ve had on them with our family.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! We are so passionate about our love for scootering that we wan’t to share that love with one lucky family! We are GIVING AWAY a pack of 4 scooters + 4 Nutcase Helmets to one family! That’s right! The winner will receive 4 helmets for the family, two kid scooters, a Micro White + Micro Black for mom and dad to join in on the fun too!! Make sure to check out the amazing photos captured by Heather Nan Photography of a day at the park with our scooters and also the amazing video by Nathan Pickett Films that really brings all the fun to life! Enter the giveaway below!


LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_7 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_8 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_9 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_12b LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_10 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_15b LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_11 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_14 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_16b LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_13 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_17 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_18 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_25 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_23 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_22 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_19 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_26 LittlePeanutMagazine_MicroKickboardScooter_Giveaway_24

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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19 Jun

Kids Swimsuit Looks | Mini Boden

TGIF! We hope you all have some swimming plans on the agenda for this weekend! We sure do and we will be enjoying the sun in one of our favorite swimsuit brands, Mini Boden. Every year we always end up getting a suit or two from Mini Boden and will continue to go to them first when searching for swimsuits. They always have unique styles, fun patterns and their quality is un matchable! We also feel like we don’t see their suits as much where we live which of course is always a bonus!

If you have been on the hunt for a great mini bikini we are obsessed with their Pretty Bikini‘s new this year. The coverage is perfect for little peanuts and we love the sweet ruffles. For little boys we can’t get enough of little Swim Trunks! We always get asked where our little boys swim trunks are from because they can be harder to find in the USA. Well look no further because Mini Boden always has the cutest swim trunks… we just might have them in every color! Check out our favorite Mini Boden swim looks from our current magazine issue below!

LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_MiniBoden_4

LOOK 1: Ruffle Swimsuit

LOOK 2: Swim Trunks

LOOK 3: Pretty Bikini

Here are more Mini Boden looks we love:

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18 Jun

Grapefruit Lemonade Homemade Popsicles

If we had to pick our favorite summer treat it would have to be popsicles! And homemade popsicles at that top our list! We’ve been enjoying this hot weather and spending lots of time in the sun so these homemade grapefruit lemonade popsicles have really hit the spot! We actually just started making our own popsicles instead of buying the ones at the store and are completely obsessed! There are so many easy recipes to make your own popsicles and they can be much healthier as well which is a bonus! What ever fruits you have left over through those in and add some juice and you are set! You can bet we will be sharing a few more great popsicle recipes this summer so keep your eyes out for them.

If you are looking for the perfect popsicle molds we suggest these Metal Popsicle Molds. We’ve used them several times and love them! The molds are great quality and with a little bit of warm water the popsicles slide out of the molds super easy! We also love the classic popsicle look! Make sure to scroll to the bottom for our recipe!

LittlePeanutMagazine_GrapefuitLemonaid_Homemade_Popsicles_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_GrapefuitLemonaid_Homemade_Popsicles_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_GrapefuitLemonaid_Homemade_Popsicles_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_GrapefuitLemonaid_Homemade_Popsicles_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_GrapefuitLemonaid_Homemade_Popsicles_4


– 1 grapefruit
– pink lemonade (or fruit punch)
– grapefruit juice
– popsicle molds
– popsicle sticks

– slice fresh grapefruit into thin slices and place a slice or two into each popsicle mold.
– mix together equal parts of pink lemonade with grapefruit juice.
– add popsicle sticks and freeze until hardened, about 3-4 hours.
– once popsicles are frozen and you are ready to each them, run molds under warm water for 15-20 seconds to easily slide the popsicles out of the mold.
– enjoy!

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17 Jun

Bold + Bright Modern Family Room

This basement family room designed by the team at House of Jade Interiors is filled with colors, textures and patterns that are all perfectly welcoming! The mix-matched pillows, patterned wallpaper and bright artwork fills this room with so much fun and cheerfulness while still creating a relaxing space. This room is the perfect place for entertaining guests, hosting a party, movies + games, or just relaxing together with the family!

LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_4LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_18 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_9 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_7 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_13 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_10 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_8 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_16 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_15 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_11 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_12 LittlePeanutMagazine_Modern_Bright_Family_Room_Design_17

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15 Jun

Wildflowers + Family Photography

Happy Monday morning and we hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  Ours was spent exploring the great outdoors and we couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent it.  Speaking of the outdoors we have an absolutely gorgeous family photo session to share with you captured by Lori Romney Photography.  The back drop takes place in the ever so stunning Albion Basin in Utah during wildflower season.  The lighting in the photos is absolutely dreamy!  We love how Lori was able to catch this darling family and the relaxed playful feel that radiates through out the photos.  The sweet snuggles that were caught are beyond priceless.

LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7355 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7353 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7346 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7337_7340 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7351 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7344 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7354 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7342_7378 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7357 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7365 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7348_7370 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7368 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7377 LittlePeanutMag_LoriRomneyPhotography_WildflowerFamily_7382

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12 Jun

Kids Swimsuit Fashion

We’ve been living up this warm weather + spending as much time as we can get in the sun! Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier! With warmer temps bring pool parties and beach trips so naturally we’ve got swimsuits on our minds! Today we are sharing a few of our favorite swim fashion looks for little peanuts from Gap Kids + J.Crew! We love the selection at both of these stores and there is always a sale or coupon code going on so the prices are great as well!

For summer swim looks we are loving bright colors + fun patterns + sunnies! Check out some of our fave looks below from our current magazine issue!

LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_3b LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_2b LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_5b LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_Kids_Swim_Suits_jcrew_4b

LOOK 1: Mara Hoffman Bikini | Sunnies

LOOK 2: Colorblock Board Shorts | Snorkel Gear | Sunnies

LOOK 3: Ruffled Floral Swimsuit | Heart Sunnies

LOOK 4: Yellow TankWave Swim Trunks| Orange Sunnies | Baseball Hat

Here are more of our favorite swim looks from J.Crew!

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